Auto Sales Consultant Legal Compliance

Organization: Dealer Compliance Consultants Inc.

Created by: Compliance Dealer


This self-paced online program is authored by attorneys and automotive professionals with real-life dealership experience. Our dynamic training program covers the laws and regulations that dealership personnel need to know about in order to operate a profitable and compliant sales department in today's world. The course highlights actual dealership cases from around the country to provide examples of real situations and promote understanding of the importance of maintaining a legally compliant organization.


  • Understanding of federal laws and regulaions governing sales department legal compliance.
  • Identification of unfair and deceptive acts and practices and other violations.
  • Understanding of the potential consequences of non-compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Common sense rules for establishing a culture of ethics and compliance.
  • Understanding of how and when employees can be held personally liable for engaging in illegal or unethical acts.
  • Reduction of exposure to lawsuits, regulatory actions and negative publicity.
  • Protection of valuablelender relationships.
  • Improving customer satisfaction and retention through consistent, compliant processes.

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To assist auto dealerships in establishing and sustaining a culture of ethics and compliance